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Coffee at the bar: how to make it perfect

How many times have we gone to a new coffee shop and ordered an espresso. We wait at the counter, the bartender stretches the cup with the coffee just extracted, we drink it and... grimace of disapproval, and we think: "how bad is this cup of coffee, but how come?" "what could they have done wrong?"

An excellent coffee, served at the counter is obtained with the high quality of the coffee and the experience of those who prepare it.

Often it is not the quality of origin of the coffee that is the problem, but the path from the bean to the cup.

Let's discover together how to make an impeccable coffee at the bar.


Here we would like to describe the 10 golden rules for a perfect espresso:

  1. Our stocks of coffee beans must be kept closed, in a cool and dry place, to keep their properties unchanged.
  2. The coffee must be freshly ground. Imagine that, a few tens of minutes after grinding, the product already loses almost 70% of its aromas. Therefore, avoid grinding large quantities of coffee. Moreover, the bells where the coffee beans are stored before being ground must be transparent and clean, avoiding the yellow patina that is created after a while when the coffee oxidises in contact with air.
  3. Purge (or flushing) is a very important operation that is carried out before each extraction, to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness. This step involves unhooking the filter holder and dispensing hot water for a couple of seconds to eliminate the residues of the coffee previously extracted.
  4. Once the filter holder has been unhooked, it must be cleaned with a special brush to eliminate coffee residues that would burn if not cleaned.
  5. At this point we put the grinding into the filter. The correct dose of ground coffee is 7 grams.
  6. Once dosed, the coffee must be pressed with the help of a manual press. how the pressure needs to be applied correctly, you will learn over time.
  7. You then proceed to clean the edges of the filter holder, eliminating excess grinding.
  8. Then clean the spouts where the coffee comes out.
  9. We are now ready to extract, we will then take a hot cup, discarding the cold ones if necessary.
  10. We will extract the drink in an expected time between 20 and 30 seconds. And we serve it immediately