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Capsules Nespresso Compatible*

They are a popular format for home and office. Inside you will find all the quality and craftsmanship of Mokabar.


intensità caffè



Toasted bread

Roasting 3/5

tostatura caffè

Bitterness 4/5

grado amaro caffè

Specifications Blend

70% Arabica

30% Robusta

Arabica Brasile, Arabica Nicaragua, Robusta India


Persistent, Full bodied




The coffee we use for our Nespresso* compatible capsules is a 70% Arabica blend from Brazil, Nicaragua and India. It has a persistent flavor, a soft cream and is very fragrant. Nespresso* compatible capsules are a practical and fast way to prepare coffee at home and in the office. They work exactly like traditional capsules but adapt to Nespresso* coffee machines and are the easiest to prepare, as they are extremely practical and convenient, as they do not dirty and fit into the machine without errors.

* The trademark is not property of Mokabar S.n.c. or its associated companies.

Very fragrant

Less subject to climate

This blend is best for