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The history of Turin is, for many reasons, associated with coffee, maybe because since the 1700s Turin’s locals have been great protagonists of the social and cultural life of the city, or perhaps because in 1884 it was in Turin, that the espresso coffee maker was invented by Angelo Moriondo.

The fact is that there are a large number of Coffee roasting plants in Turin. Mokabar, a company that in just a few decades has become a leader in the sale of coffee, operates brilliantly in this sector; evidently the sign of Mokabar in the many coffee shops around the city of Turin proves the love the city holds for its coffee roasting plant.

Ancient Mokabar roasting company

The "blend" of success

stabilimento mokabar

1950 the beginning

Close your eyes, let yourself be soothed by the sweet and strong aroma, and for an intense moment your senses indulge in the velvety and persistent pleasure of your Mokabar coffee. Maybe you barely know it, but it is more likely that you have known it forever, because our history as Italian coffee producers began sixty years ago, in Turin.

It was 1950 when our grandfather, Ermenegildo Bertolino, met and started selling Mokabar coffee...

...produced by a small artisan coffee roasting company in Turin. Tenacious due to his commercial experience, and passionate for a prime quality product, grandfather Gildo, with his work, ensured that the demand for Mokabar coffee was so high that he doubled the sale of the coffee and, consequently, its production.

mokabar azienda famiglia

1971 second generation

One step after another, one customer after another, Mokabar was now the coffee of Turin "on everyone's lips". It was inevitable to take over the company that had grown thanks due to the amount of passion and commitment and so, in 1971, Ermenegildo Bertolino, overtook the roasting company in Turin, along, with our fathers, at that time twenty years old.

The Mission of the Mokabar company

The "taste" of trust

famiglia caffè


Our family immediately understood the value of the commitment needed to be made to its customers: to preserve the recognisability and taste of good Mokabar coffee, keeping the originality of the recipe of its blend, now loved and sought after for twenty years.

Due to increasing demands the old laboratory became too small and the business was moved to its current location in Via Stradella in the 1980s. But this did not change the method of how we roast coffee. The craftsmanship and controlled roasting is the first guarantee of quality in our blends, making us competitive first, and among the best coffee roasting plants in the world, which was confirmed when we received a Gold Medal - International Institute of Coffee Tasters 2018/19 for the Mokabar Bar Blend, section "Italian Espresso". coffeetasters.org

Slowly, in defiance of industrial rules, we continue to toast our beans in a temperature-controlled, air-cooled process to keep the beans intact.
Organoleptic qualities of the coffee and to preserve the aroma in the cup. This has made Mokabar a renowned type of coffee appreciated and desired among the best coffee

Mokabar® today and tomorrow


futuro mokabar caffè


Now in its third generation, we don't need to read the coffee grounds to see clearly what the future holds for us. We know where we come from and where we are headed. We will grow step by step, together with our friends (yes, after a decade of relationships we can no longer call you just "customers"!).

We will continue to select the beans from selected distributors, from the most significant coffee producing countries in the world, we will preserve the recipe of the ancient roasting tradition handed down by our grandfather Gildo, we will protect the slow process of traditional Italian roasting that has made our coffee recognisable for sixty years and, just as slowly, we will continue to grow so that you can rediscover, even on your upcoming intercontinental travels, the sweet, velvety and persistent taste of your ever new but ancient Mokabar coffee.